Blame Ourselves

The real  problem we face in this country is with ourselves.  We’re the ones that elect the politicians we hate, patronize the banks that cost us jobs and incredible financial losses, consume the media that keeps us ignorant, etc.  So, what is our problem? 

As the cliche goes, this all really goes back to education.  We can blame current pollticians in Washington all we like, but most education funding still comes from local and state taxes.  And what do we get for our money?  We get a population that overall knows little or nothing about the scientific method or areas it could be applied in such as economics and finance.  We get a country that fears only absolute levels of debt, ignoring the relative, only the latter of which is important.  We get people who think government finances work just like ours as individuals, completely ignoring and/or misunderstanding the paradox of thrift.  We the idea that anytime new money is created, it leads to inflation, no matter the circumstances.

So, it occurs to me that relatively free republics can have tremendous problems when their citizens become ignorant with regard to critical concepts and begin to behave accordingly.  Both politicians and the media do far more to meet the demand of the ill-informed than offering alternatives and so the ill-informed have their misconceptions reinforced.

This is the tragedy we face now and there are probably no rapid solutions. However, all this being said, a president with the courage and ability to communicate like FDR could help to at least start to send us in a better direction.


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